Rev. Mac Ranie Reyes
UBC Manila

Galatians 5:22

When we walk under the control of the Spirit we bear the fruit that reaches out to others. 

1. Patient

The capacity to bear up in the face of difficulty. 

”Lord, give me patience –give it to me now!”
2. Kind

The quality of being helpful, good, generous.

New Testament 
four (4) ingredients of kindness:

  • Friendliness (1 Pet. 2:3)
  • Compassion (Eph. 4:32)
  • Helpfulness (Mark 10:51)
  • Forbearance (Rom. 2:4)


3. Good

The quality that involves kindness towards others but includes additional aspect of honesty or firmness in our relating with others that is meant to lead the person towards change.  


It takes the power of God to produce patience, kindness, and goodness. 
These are the marks of a vibrant life.  

Love, know, imitate God if you want to grow in patience, kindness, and goodness. Living out these fulfills the law – love others.  

Vision: To see equipped members fulfilling the Great Commission.