Ptr. Marvin Gibson Jr.
UBC Manila

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Luke 23:32-43

Emphasis: The cross of Jesus modeled FORGIVENESS and made PARADISE accessible.

  • Forgiveness and Paradise
    • Lost Sinner
      • “Father” (v.34a)
      • “Forgive them” (v.34b)
      • “For they do not know” (v.34c)
    • Eternal Security
      • Admit your sins (vv.40-41a)
      • Believe in Jesus (v.41b)
      • Commit your life to Christ (v.42)
    • Nearby Savior
      • Urgent – “Today” 
      • Bonding – “You will be with me”
      • Connection – “In Paradise”
    • Transition State
      • The Place of Criminal 
      • The Process of Crucifixion
      • The Power of Cross



Vision: To see equipped members fulfilling the Great Commission.