Ptr. Marvin Gibson Jr,
UBC Manila

MARK 16:1-20

Central Idea: The Day Jesus Resurrected Influenced Many People. What Happened That Day Can Make A Difference In Your Life Today

  • Prior The Resurrection (Vv. 1-8)
    • Notice The Ministry Of Love (Vv.1-3)
    • Notice The Message Of Life (Vv.4-6)
    • Notice The Mission Of Liberation (Vv.7-8)
  • Pointing The Resurrection (Vv. 9-14)
    • Notice The Consolation (Vv.9-11)
    • Notice The Confirmation (Vv.12-13)
    • Notice The Confrontation (V. 14)
  • Parting Words After The Resurrection (Vv. 15-18)
    • Notice The Requirement (V.15)
    • Notice The Responsibility (Vv.16-17)
    • Notice The Recognition (Vv.17-18)
  • Parting Works After The Resurrection (Vv. 19-20)
    • Notice The Saviour (V.18)
    • Notice The Saints (Vv.20)

Vision: To see equipped members fulfilling the Great Commission.