• Healthy relationships last, not all lasting relationships are healthy
    • Healthy dependency happens between whole people.
      You must know where you end and others begin… (Hands Illustration)
      • Whole people are fashioned by God through regeneration and spiritual maturity
      • Whole people can distinguish between needs and wants
        • Phil 4:19
        • Eccl 1:8
      • Take responsibility for your wholeness
        • Note: The original sin was pursuing something they did not need – believing they would attain “something” which they already had.
        • Genesis 3: Adam blamed the woman- Eve blamed the serpent!
    • Healthy Dependency is characterized by…
      • Allow people to have and own their emotions
      • Knowing and living by the reality that you cannot change anyone but yourself by the power of God
  • Applications:
    • A good indicator of Healthy Independence in a person is how long they can live without being “in” a relationship
    • An indicator of Unhealthy Dependence in a person is- not being satisfied in relationship(s)

Vision: To see equipped members fulfilling the Great Commission.