Church History

The University Baptist Church in Manila was born not from the usual church planting mode. It came about from a special circumstance that can either be providential or circumstantial.


In 1962, Rev. William Wakefield and his team from USA established the Baptist Student Union (BSU) under the auspices of the Foreign Mission Board of the US Southern Baptist Convention.

BSU Center started its operations at Room 303 of Carmelo Bauerman Building along Calle de Azcarraga (now Claro M. Recto). Pastor Timoteo Malumbay and US Army Chaplain Eugene Cross ministered to the students coming to the Center.

In 1964, the Philippine Baptist Mission bought an old dormitory along the Professor Miguel de Morayta Avenue and moved the BSU operation.

The building the Rev. William Wakefield and his team from USA established the Baptist Student Union (BSU) under the auspices of the Foreign Mission Board of the US Southern Baptist Convention.

The BSU Center expanded to include additional staff such as Ms. Remegilda “Mel” Solanoy (later Cabalang) as full-time receptionist and Misters Enrique Cabalang and brothers Arsenio and Raul Aragon as building caretakers.  Mr. Jugo Parkman was the first BSU Director.

In October 1966, University Baptist Church was formally formed. Worship Services was presided by Pastor Cris Valenzona with Henry Cabalang, Mel Solanoy and Dr. and Mrs.  Wakefield.  Volunteers include sisters Lizette and Synette Firmantes, Zeny Tamayo and Tess Teodoro.

The now UBC building was constructed in 1968.  While construction was on-going, BSU operations and UBC’s worship celebration was help temporarily in an old gasoline station (now the site of the Miranda Bookstore building) along Morayta Avenue.

In 1969, Henry Cabalang, fresh from Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (PBTS) started preaching in UBC.


Dr. Wakefield went back to the US and left to Pastor Henry Cabalang the operations of BSU.

UBC played host to eight (8) youth volunteer-staffers from Van Nuys, California, USA to help out in the BSU work.

In 1973, UBC was official registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with Rev. Dr. William James Moorhead as the first BOT chair and Pastors Cris Valenzona and Henry Cabalang and Ms. Tess Teodoro, Ms. Zeny Tamayo and Ms. Gloria Pamplona-Unson as members.

First mission point was established in Sucol, Laguna, the Lakeshore Baptist Church.

In 1977, the “Happy Birthday Jesus” project as launched to purchase the church’s first organ.

In 1978, tele-evangelist Rev. Billy Graham visited UBC and lent support to its programs and activities.  In same year, the very first Annual UBC Family Retreat was held in Luzon Baptist Camp in Cabcaben, Mariveles, Bataan.

In 1979, Foreign Mission Board granted to UBC the permission to operate the student work and full use of the BSU building.


UBC held its Partnership Crusade.

In 1984, Pastor Henry Cabalang was elected president of the Luzon Convention of Southern Baptist Churches (LCSBC).

In 1985, Pastor Cabalang talked about student ministry during the BSU Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

In 1986, the in-campus ministry was started and launched the Masterlife Discipleship series.

In 1988, Pastor Cabalang started UBC’s church planting crusade that resulted to more than two dozen daughter churches and mission points.

In 1989, the home bible study program was revitalized, sending staff to dormitories, boarding houses and residences in the university belt to reach out to the students.  The Worship Hall was renovated via a P200,000 HBJ proceeds.


In 1991, Pastor Henry Cabalang went to the USA for a sabbatical.  He eventually resigned in July 1993.

In 1994, Pastor Cesar delos Santos was installed as the new Senior Pastor and formed cell (oikos) groups in an attempt to make UBC a mega church.

To support the oikos ministry, 100 men and women were trained to be oikos leaders and bible study facilitators.

In December 1996, Pastor delos Santos resigned.  Missionary Pastor Danny Lee Johnson was appointed interim pastor.

In August 1997, Pastor Danilo Santiago was installed as new Senior Pastor.

A Committee was constituted in October 1997 to revise UBC’s Constitution and By-Laws.  With Pastor Danilo Santiago as Chair, the Committee was composed of Atty. Eugeryl T. Rondario, Atty. Rogelio Bolivar, Mr. Willy C. Dy and Mr. Peter Blair  S. Agustin.  The revised CBL was ratified by the Congregation.

The Seminary Education by Extension (SEE) was introduced in UBC.

In 1998, the International Mission Board – Southern Baptist Convention turned-over to UBC the ownership (via donation) of the UBC property in Morayta, Manila.

In August 1998, Pastor Danilo Santiago resigned to start a ministry with his family in Florida, USA.  Pastor Conrado Bautista took-over the pulpit ministry while Atty. Eugeryl Rondario took-over leadership in the BOT/CC.

In July 1999, Pastor Armando Canoy, at 34 years old, was called as Senior Pastor.          


The Worship Hall was renovated and enhanced by having it fully air-conditioned and equipped with major worship equipment.

The youth work was renamed “Youth Life Student Center” or YLSC.

In 2002, a Steering Committee - composed of Pastor Armando Canoy, Atty. Eugeryl Rondario, Dr. Lily Ley, Dr. Jocelyn Mercado-Claravall, Ms. Myrna Libres, Ms. Rosario Pamplona and Mr. Rommel Domingo – was created to generate UBC’s Six-Year Plan (2002-2007).

In 2003, the PDL Seminar was held with almost 1,000 participants and about 500 volunteers after the Ministry Festival.

The Steering Committee was reconstituted in 2004 to review the purpose-driven program.  The Committee was composed of Pastor Armando Canoy, Atty. Eugeryl Rondario, Engr. Willy Dy, Mr. Peter Blair Agustin, Engr. Rolan Gabriel, Ms. Cleofe Belarga and Ms. Irma Yacapin.

Bro. Jess Lopez and Pastor Nonito Sables started a mission work in Manggahan, Quezon City.

In August 2005, the BOT/CC agreed with Pastor Canoy to allow the Congregation elect members of the Board of Deacons.

In July 2006, Pastor Canoy took a sabbatical leave and pursued his doctoral studies at Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminar (ABGTS).  Pastor Nonie Sables was designated as interim pastor.   At the end of 2006, the very first Encouragement Night (ENcore) was held to recognize and appreciate all church volunteers.

In 2007, the UBC Life Process was incubated including the five purposes –Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Service and Mission.

In May 2007, the Lagro YLSC was established. They held their very first Sunday Worship Service in October 2007.

In 2008, the Worshiplandia was created to provide the children the worship experience at their own age level blended with singing, bible stories and preaching. The Daily Vacation Bible School was also revitalized.

The Education Purpose also Annual Ministry of Preaching (LAMP) was launched prior to UBC’s Foundation Anniversary in October with Engr. Carlos Dionisio, Engr. Albino Azurin, Engr. Willy Dy and Mr. Peter Blair Agustin as designated preachers.

In June 2009, YLSC Sto. Tomas, Batangas was opened with the support of the family of Engr. Rodel and Myrna Cortez.

In July 2010, YLSC Binangonan was opened through the support of the family of Ms. Gloria Pamplona-Unson.

In late 2010, the church leadership conducted a church-wide review program.  The review was spearheaded by Pastor Armando Canoy, Mr. Peter Blair Agustin, Engr. Willy Dy and Ms. Cleofe Belarga.

2011 to 2013

In 2011, the Congregation approved the BOT/CC-initiated Church vision and mission statements.

In 2012, Pastor Armando Canoy resigned from UBC to accept his appointment as President of the Philippine Baptist Theological Seminar (PBTS). Mr. Peter Blair Agustin assumed the leadership of the BOT/CC.

In August 2012, UBC Fellowship Committee extended relief assistance to families in the communities in Binangonan, Rizal and Nagtahan, Manila affected by typhoon Ondoy.

Binangonan and Sto. Tomas, Batangas congregation had their first worship service in October and November 2012, respectively.

In May 2013, the Business Office was renovated.

In July 2013, Pastor Mac Ranie M. Reyes was installed as Senior Pastor.

2016 to present

In October 2016, UBC Manila celebrated its 50th Anniversary

In March 2018, Pastor Mac Ranie M. Reyes Resigned from UBC

Vision: To see equipped members fulfilling the Great Commission.