Ptr. Marvin Gibson Jr.
UBC Manila

PSALM 91:1-16

EMPHASIS: God does not promise a world free from danger, but He promise His help whenever we face danger. Therefore, He is our sovereign protection from all dangers and terrors that surround humanity.

    hrist Our Victory In Dis-ease
    • Practical Side
      • Stay at home
      • Use face mask if you’re sick
      • Body contact is discouraged (Handshakes/Beso-beso)
      • Make it a practice to disinfect your place
      • Implement hygiene protocol
      • Trust our public officials
    • Biblical Side
      • Converse with the Lord (v. 1)
      • Long for the Lord (v.2)
      • Almighty God’s Deliverance (vv.3-8)
      • Ideal Promise of God (vv.9-10)
      • Messiah’s Power (vv.11-13)
    Note: Come Out Victoriously! (NCOV)
    • Notable Promises of God (v.14)
    • Our Answering God (v.15)
    • The God of salvation (v.16b)

  • Reflection/Discussion Questions
    • Is there an unhealthy fear that is bothering you today? Would you like to share to your family members so they would know how to help and pray for you?
    • Do you panic? How do you cope up with it?
    • How sure are you of your salvation?

  • For tithes & offerings and donations:
    • You may personally bring it to UBC business office but we highly encourage everyone to deposit your giving to
      University Baptist Church, Inc. Metrobank Savings Account #3-184-50499-6
    • Kindly inform/send us a duplicate of deposit slip through your pre-numbered tithe envelope and/or text us at +63 917 714 4193

Vision: To see equipped members fulfilling the Great Commission.